HeartBit Human Heartbeat, Bandoneon + Live Electronics (2022)

A human heart is amplified and sent to a computer running a programming language; this delicate “instrument” is responsible for triggering the audio processes in real-time and for controlling the musical flow. The performer becomes a listener to his own internal rhythm and attempts to adjust the unfolding of the music psychosomatically, thus engaging in a constant loop between his own sounding body and mental state.
Recover Pianoforte + Live Electronics (2020)

This piece was written in Athens during the global lock-down of the 2020 pandemic. It is aimed to be performed by an amateur musician, last in a concert of contemporary music to act as a recover. All signal processing takes place in real-time; the computer simply freezes the piano’s spectrum utilising the SuperCollider programming language.
BitVox Beatboxer + Live Electronics (2019)

BitVox makes use of audio event analysis and algorithmic beat manipulation in an effort to create a unified soundworld between the human beatboxer and his mechanical counterpart. It utilises a custom built SuperCollider class allowing the organisation of processes and musical material in bundles and their execution in sequential cues.

It has received the 2021 CIME Prize of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music, 3rd Prize at MusicWorks 2019 Electronic Music Composition Contest (Toronto, Canada), 2nd Prize at MA/IN 2020 (Matera Intermedia Festival, Italy).

SeYmnoomen Adaptation of a byzantine hymn for chorister & live electronics (2019)
Goloso Any Number of Instruments, Voices & Electronics (2018)
Breathe Cello + Live Electronics (2016)

Commissioned by the Danish Arts Council and premiered open-air at the National Observatory of Athens to accompany a full moon. Most processing takes place in real-time allowing for a significant amount of unpredictability in every performance due to the inherent nature of the algorithms.
GO | Ney, Kanun + Live Electronics

Funded by Onassis Cultural Centre, this is a multi-speaker performance which attempts to fuse two musical idioms, the traditional with the contemporary, by bringing together in a musical dialog the kanun and the ney, two instruments which carry the musical connotations of centuries, with the laptop. The project aims to expand the timbral pallet of the acoustic instruments by providing an additional layer of sonic possibilities through the use of modern technology while also viewing the performance space as a compositional parameter by using multiple speakers which surround the audience. More information can be found here.

Fripping | Instrumental Ensemble, Laptop + Multi-channel Speaker System (2016)
Percussive | Kanun, Ney, Laptop + Multi-channel Speaker System (2016)
Eridanos | Kanun, Ney, Laptop + Multi-channel Speaker System (2016) | video
Static | Ney, Kanun Laptop + Multi-channel Speaker System (2015) | video
Asynchronous Looping | Kanun, Ney Laptop + Multi-channel Speaker System (2015) | video

YörükSC Amplified String Quartet + Random Spatialisation (2012)
I5-q16 Marimba + Tape (2010)
το Χάος! Santur + Live Electronics (2008) | video

Πλάγιος Β’ Kanun + Live Electronics (2008) | video
Self Similarity [study] String Quartet + Live Electronics (2007)
Ataxia Marimba, Percussion, Electroacoustics, Sensors + Images (2006)
Sonography [study] Prepared-piano + Computer (2006)

Mοιρολόγι Violin + Computer (2006)
Entropy Violin + Chamber Orchestra | utilising the Blochnunga Sensor Costume (2005)
Domingo Violin, Crystal Glasses + Computer (2004) | released by AMPublishing
Turntablismo [study] Electric Violin, Turntable, VCS3, Toy-piano + Maracas (2003)

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