GO is a multi-speaker performance for Ney, Kanun and Laptop.

We attempt to fuse two musical idioms, the traditional with the contemporary, by bringing together in a musical dialog the kanun and the ney, two instruments which carry the musical connotations of centuries, with the laptop. The project aims to expand the timbral pallet of the acoustic instruments by providing an additional layer of sonic possibilities through the use of modern technology while also viewing the performance space as a compositional parameter by using multiple speakers which surround the audience.

The overall musical structure of the work is predetermined, yet any audio-processing takes place in real-time while the music unfolds in front of the audience, thus allowing for a significant amount of unpredictability involved in every performance due to the inherent nature of the algorithms.

Laptop: Orestis Karamanlis | Ney: Harris Lambrakis | Kanun: Sofia Labropoulou
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This project has been made possible with funds from Onassis Cultural Centre.

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