Orestis Karamanlis


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At the moment I teach at the University of Athens’ Music Department and run a UK-based company for Music & Audio named FasmaTwist. I am also a visiting fellow at Bournemouth University since 2014. If you are interested in a more thorough biography you may read below.

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Born in Athens, Greece. Initially studied Economics (B.Sc, 1996-2000) and Statistics (M.Sc., 2000-2003) in Athens by accident, Music and Music Technology (B.Arts, 2003-2006) in Cambridge and completed a PhD in Composition (2010) at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast.

I’m mostly interested in electroacoustic composition, especially real-time computer music involving acoustic instruments and multi-speaker systems. I’m also quite happy with various expressions of “popular” music. I’ve written music for instrumental ensembles, fixed & mixed media, live electronics, the network, for theatre and short films. My works have been performed throughout Europe, in the US and Latin America and some have received awards and distinctions at international competitions, amongst others at Giga-Hertz (ZKM, Germany), the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (CIME), Metamorphoses (Belgium), Bourges (France), Città di Udine (Italy), Musica Nova (Czech Republic), MusicWorks (Canada), Weimar (Germany), Matera (Italy). In the past I’ve been lucky to receive the McLeod prize from Anglia Ruskin University and my PhD research to be funded by the Department for Employment & Learning in the U.K.

I have taught at Queen’s University Belfast (2007-2009, TA), at the Technological Institute of Crete (2010-2011), at Bournemouth University (2012-2014), and at the Ionian University in Corfu (2016-2018, 2021), having regularly given invited talks to other departments. Since 2017 I teach creative units at the University of Athens where I also run the Music Department’s Live Electronic Music Ensemble.

I like cats, sea, pasta, a village in the Aegean, and other things.